PLEASE have an all original paper this paper have to be turn

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PLEASE have an all original paper this paper have to be turned in to SafeAssign which detect all plagiarism. If there is more than 10% plagiarism I will not pay for. Also be sure to include all parts that are asked for. Note from instructor: For the assignment, due week 7 Sunday night, you are required to write about a specific presidential doctrine, so I thought I would give you a bit of lead on what you should include, depending on the doctrine you select. I’m selecting modern presidential proposals, so if yours is not among them, then email me and I’ll work with you separately. I do not want to see any mention of where a president grew up or his early life or his legislative career before he became president. Just write about his doctrine. The following areas MUST be the focus of your doctrine:Truman ― the Soviet Union, Greece and Iran. Concentrate mostly on the SU, because Greece and Iran were sideshows.Eisenhower ― Lebanon and EgyptKennedy ― Cuba and Vietnam, and you must mention the policy of flexible response and its strong emphasis on counterinsurgency warfare. I’ve even included a piece on flexible response in the zip file on presidential doctrines.Nixon ― Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Iran. All three were critical components of his doctrine, but the last two countries were part of his Twin Pillars Policy, so Google that term.Carter ― Iran and AfghanistanReagan ― Nicaragua, Angola, Russia and Afghanistan (although Nicaragua and Afghanistan were the two most important, so focus primarily on these).

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