please make sure no plagiarism.Come up with one example of a

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please make sure no plagiarism.Come up with one example of a hospitality solution or technology that is leveraging all four categories of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) technology. Discuss the following items:What is the hospitality solution or technology that you selected (This could be any aspect of hospitality, such as F&B, gaming, event planning, travel and tourism, airlines, etc.)Explain in detail how each category of SMAC is being used. Provide your opinion as to whether this solution/technology is leveraging SMAC in a positive/negative way. Provide some critiques as to how it could be improved. You must write a thoughtful and in-depth answer. Knowing that you will only be writing a total of five discussions this entire semester, make sure you are simply writing a couple sentences. I am looking for at least 2-3 full paragraphs. Here is one example of a SMAC technology solution: Is anyone familiar with the M life program? This is a loyalty program offered to guests by MGM Resorts International, who owns the majority of hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip). The website is here is you’d like to explore it: This program leveraging all aspects of SMAC, for both customers and back-end users. Customers have the ability to download the M life mobile app, in order to keep track of their points and credits earned dollar for dollar. M life remains highly active on social networking sites to drive their customer engagement and loyalty, with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. On the back end, MGM Resorts International uses the customer information gathered to determine the profiles of guests, in order to help determine what is guests desire from our hotels. We can run analytics to determine where the majority of revenue is going, to which department/property. Even our analysis software and enrollment solution is web/cloud-based. No more software installation needed!

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