PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY – IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE DO NOT BID Short writing assignment:  Select threestrategies of critical analysis, and write at least two questions that would bemost likely to be asked in that form.  Do not just parrot the questionspresented in the textbook; come up with new questions of your own.  Askyourself: ‘If I was using that method of analysis, what would I want toknow?”  For eachstyle, list a literary work that would lend itself to that style ofcriticism.  You are not limited to the works in the textbook, butselecting a work from the textbook may give you a leg up when trying to decideon a research project topic later in the course.  You do not actually haveto answer the question you ask, or critically analyze the selected work at thistime, but you must offer a short explanation as to why you feel that work wouldlend itself to the strategy and question chosen. In choosing the three styles you want to examine,pick one from series A, one from series B, and one from series C. This will give you more experience with a combination of easy, medium, anddifficult categories, as well as giving you experience in a variety of styles.SeriesAFormalistBiographicalPsychologicalGender (includes Feminist and Gay and Lesbianstrategies)SeriesBHistoricalMarxistNew HistoricistCultural Criticism (includes Postcolonial criticism)SeriesCMythologicalReader-ResponseDeconstructionist

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