PLEASE READ MY NEEDS CAREFULLY PLEASE….I am discussing the changes of the camera…. not on a smartphones but the actual camera but a hint of details can be discuss about how the smartphone could be causing a issue with cameras….etc.This must be APA format, creditable references, and well written.  I will provide the bases for this information because it is apart of a team assignment.  However, I have personal issue limiting my ability to fully commit to this project.  I will need your assistance again about the same details.I will upload the overall of what will be worked over the next couple weeks, what is gather thus far.. probably info overload but the more one know the better this can be for the both of us….I need the following question answered….Risks What are the risks of changing the technology?Competition Are there any technologies similar to this one?Is there any other technology that could replace this one?What makes this technology stand out?How can the technology continue to stay ahead of the competition?

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