Please read the document, Generous Listening which supports

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Please read the document, Generous Listening which supports this assignment. The structure of this assignment assumes that you work Monday through Friday. If your work schedule is other than that, please work out with your instructor how you will complete the assignment. This assignment requires that you keep a journal for one week (Monday-Sunday). Monday through Friday as you go about your work week, practice the characteristics of Generous Listening as outlined in the supporting document. When you write your daily journal entries, discuss the following: What do you notice about yourself as you practice Generous Listening? What do you notice about others as you practice Generous Listening that you may not have noticed before? Do you think your communication was improved each day as a result of listening generously? What ethical issues did you encounter as a result of this different way of listening? For example, did you hear more than you should? What were the reactions of others as they noticed you listening more intently? Saturday’s Journal Entry: Examine your journal entries from the week. Create a visual representation of your listening from Monday until Friday. This may be a graph or chart but it may also be a picture of some sort. If the picture doesn’t clearly mesh with your journal, put a title with it so that I can understand what you are trying to represent with your picture. Sunday’s Journal Entry: Reflect. Give yourself an absolutely honest critique of how you did with this exercise during the course of the week. Include anything of value you learned or felt.Harvard referencing system must be used for any reference utilized

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