Please respond to this post in 5 sentences or more. I have s

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Please respond to this post in 5 sentences or more. I have selected Authoritarian parenting and Indulgent parenting becausethe two types stand out at me as being very different and the same. FristI would like to show the differences between them, the Authoritarianmethod puts strict limits on the child, and the Indulgent parenting putslittle if any limits on the child. This difference makes one child unhappy,fearful, and anxious and the other domineering, egocentric, noncompliant.The differences in parenting don’t seem healthy to me. The similaritiesthat stand out are comparing themselves with others, and relating to othersWhen you compare yourself, you see if your way of thinking is the same,IE. I like the same color as him or her, and when you are relating to other, you could say he likes the color red, I like the color red. Both area way of judging yourself to others. To say that ‘one-way’ parenting is valid or not, it would be up to the child only in their later life to this scene I will take the way I was raised to answer the qusetion.I had little of both types of parents. I would hear the saying do as youare told, with little reason why but knew if I didn’t I could get a spanked.And on the other hand I could leave the house and wonder all over thecity without getting into trouble just as long as I was home by the timeit got dark. This way of parenting has given me respect for others, weak communication skills. And somewhat domineering personality. When I got older and a job, house, wife, kids. I look at those traits in me as places to lea

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