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Please write do not over 300 words. And do not write too at least one message in the discussion below regarding technology, society, law, and intellectual property. How do collective licenses (or blanket licenses) work, and how can artists benefit from them? What are the arguments for blanket licenses? What can we learn from history and from the repetitive cycle of established companies resisting innovative companies who use new technologies to copy and distribute creative work more broadly? When the innovative companies become established companies, then the cycle repeats itself. What can companies and business professionals learn from this? Can one develop a successful business model by openly allowing others to copy and share one’s intellectual property, to actively participate in one’s creative process? What are the possibilities?According to Doctorow, what is the difference between a good copyright system and a bad copyright system? What is the purpose of copyright law as stated in the U.S. Constitution? Doctorow fears that the powerful may use technology to increase their power, but he hopes that people will use technology to increase freedom, self-determination, and accomplishments throughout the world. Doctorow says that we must not sacrifice free speech for our bottom line. What does Doctorow say about content blocking and surveillance? What connections can you make between Doctorow’s TEDx talk and Doctorow’s book? How can we use technology to build a freer world? What two specific recommendations does Doctorow offer for authors and publishers about using technology to make our world freer? In what ways are these issues important to you as a professional and as a member of society?

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