plz write a research paper 8-10 double-spaced answering thes

plz write a research paper 8-10 double-spaced answering these Qs besides adding some arguments. it’s kind of broad topic so you can approach it the way you want in a clear headings.1) The different perceptions of virtual worlds in educational settings including how students use these spaces in a successful way, and for those using virtual worlds, examine how they are using the technology for teaching.2) discuss the advantages of converting a physical learning space to a virtual one, the disadvantages of virtual learning environments.3) Determine (if any) a correlation between Real Life educational practices and virtual 3Deducational practices in relation to design4) develop recommendations for the success of students using virtual world based educationplz use these sources and other sources to answer the QsBody and mind: a study of avatar personalization in three virtual worlds. Proceedings of CHI 2009. Teaching through Multi-User Virtual Environments: Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom. Information Science Reference.don’t forget to source

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