Positive AttitudePlease note there are&nbspTWO parts&nbspthis week

Positive AttitudePlease note there are TWO parts this week (an introductionand the lecture discussion), and each part has several questions. Makesure you address each question.Please combine your answers to both parts into one ‘main’ post.Part 1: Getting to know you!Where do you live – what town/state?What made you decide to come to school and what degree are you pursuing?Do you have obstacles you can predict will get in your way of learning online?Tell us a little about yourself – for example: are youmarried? Do you have children, pets, or hobbies that will help us to getto know you a little more?Attach a picture of yourself if you have one available.Part 2: Positive Attitude!As we noted earlier, what we tell ourselves about ourselves and abouthow others view us can greatly affect how we interact with others. Abig part of improving our communication with others relies on our dailymental habits concerning our self-concept (such as self-talk andaccurate self-reflection) and the practices we use to form ourperceptions of others (such as mindfulness, other orientation, andavoiding stereotyping). Consciously improving our self-concept and theways we perceive others can have a very positive effect on our overallattitude when approaching communication and interaction with others.Discuss the importance of positive attitude in our communication skills, personal lives, and workplace.How do you think culture, gender, technology, and ethics affect communication successes and failures?How do you think this course will prepare you in reaching the goals of your professional mission statement?

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