Power Point Presentation 10–15 slides + title and referen

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Power Point Presentation: 10–15 slides + title and reference slides; Speaker notes: 800–1,200 words Project Human Resource Management At the next meeting, you and the team had a very productive discussion on your findings related to the human resource planning and related team management processes. Everyone feels that it is time to present your findings to Sam and Gloria. ‘Thanks for educating us on human resource planning,’ says Jerry to you. ‘We have some great information here, but I think it is too much detail to present to Sam and Gloria.’ ‘I agree,’ says Melissa. ‘Does anyone have any ideas on how best to present this information?’ ‘We should put together a PowerPoint presentation of 10–15 slides with title and reference slides,’ says Sara. ‘We should include speaker notes of about 800–1,200 words, as well.’ ‘The presentation should include the project human resource management information that we shared in our team discussion,’ you say. ‘Oh, that’s great!’ says Jim, ‘Do you think you can prepare the presentation for the team?’ As you prepare the presentation, your make notes to be ready to respond to any questions that may come up from Sam or Gloria relating to delegation, resource allocation, level of authority, dependencies, and deadlines. Refer to: Company Biography Top Gear Corporation (TGC) is a large, established company in the manufacturing industry. It is based in northern Chicago, IL and employs over 300 workers locally. Its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board, Sam Ryder, founded the company back in 1994 with his wife, Gloria Ryder. Gloria has served as the company’s chief financial officer (CFO) since it was founded. Both Sam and Gloria graduated from the #1 ranked MBA program in the country and bring a lot of corporate experience to the business. Sam was a vice president and served as a senior engineer at another company for many years before deciding to venture off to start TGC with his wife. The company is known for manufacturing electronic equipment and safety devices for cargo ships and trains, as well as for the shipyards and train stations that operate and maintain them. Their electronic products include software and specialized global positioning systems (GPS) for cargo- and ticket-scanning devices. TGC also manufactures safety monitoring devices that detect hazardous weather, equipment malfunctions, and specialized fire and smoke alarms. The workforce is comprised mostly of engineers, technologists, programmers, and computer specialists. They also work closely with several large vendors in the United States and outsource their customer service department to India and China. Problem The company has a loyal customer base throughout the United States and is known for its personalized service and quality devices. Because of the recession, TGC has had to make some difficult choices. A large percentage of its customers have had to reduce the number of orders and shorten the length of their maintenance and servicing contracts, which involves updating and fixing devices and software. The cities and private companies that operate the shipyards and train stations have experienced significant budget cuts and layoffs. The companies that build these cargo ships and trains are also dealing with similar problems because their largest customers are cities and private companies. In addition, there are new companies entering the marketplace offering cheaper electronic equipment and safety devices. Opportunity To survive the recession, the Sam and Gloria have decided to diversify their product line. They are in desperate need of a brand new device that will set them apart from their competition. After conducting mock interviews with some of their customers and completing market research, TGC has decided to focus its attention on developing a new GPS cargo tracking system device that can be used for both ships and trains. The GPS will produce a stronger signal and will be more portable, durable, and cheaper than their competitors. They have asked Jim Young, a rising star at the company, to take on the role of project manager to lead a team of five people from different departments to create a prototype of the new GPS cargo tracking system device. Jim Young currently serves as a department supervisor for two business units. Prior to this role, he worked as an electrical engineer for the company. He has worked on many of the development projects as a team leader and helped to innovate some of the company’s existing devices. People in his business units speak highly of his leadership and coaching style. Though Jim has worked on project teams and supervised functional departments, he has never acted as the project manager before. He knows there are a lot of moving parts in managing a project. He is worried about his ability to lead a new team of people with whom he has never worked. He is concerned about his lack of experience and knowledge to manage the entire life cycle of a project from start to finish and within budget and scope. In previous projects, he remembers Sam and Gloria having differences in budget, scope, and resource allocation, which caused a lot of confusion among the project team members and vendors. Jim is also concerned that their personal relationship will interfere in this project. You will be working with Jim Young as a project team member with four other professionals in the company. You have only worked at TGC for 4 years in the electric engineering department. Prior to your tenure at TGC, you worked as an associate project manager for an engineer firm on the West Cost. You have worked on many different projects and are familiar with project management terms, methodologies, tools, and techniques. You earned several certifications relating to project management and have an MBA in logistics. You have never worked with Jim Young or anyone else on the team, but you are very excited about the opportunity to make a difference.

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