Prepare a revenue budget for Happy Home Health Agency, BlueC

Prepare a revenue budget for Happy Home Health Agency, BlueCross members can only be charged $60 for a nurse visit by the agency eventhough the agency normally charges $75. Aetna Insurance Company has agreed topay 80% of the agency normal charge. Medicaid regulation call or it to pay thecost of care and the cost of each visit is $45. Suppose further that Medicarehas a fee schedule that calls for it to pay $50 for this type of patient. Theagency gives a $50 dollar discount to poor and uninsured patients, chargingthem only $25. Happy expects that 40 blue cross, 15 Aetna, 20 Medicaid and 50Medicare, 25 uninsured visit and 20 self-pay visit. Of the self-pay patients, ¾pay their full charge, but one quarter never pay any of their bill. Prepare arevenue budget for Happy Home Health agency. Will Happy Home have a profit orloss?

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