Price Non-negotiableFilm A Legacy of Filmmakers The Early

Price Non-negotiableFilm: A Legacy of Filmmakers: The Early Years of American Zoetrope (Gary Leva, 2004)Please see example belowTitle: Scarlet StreetDirector:  Fritz LangYear: 1945 Country of Origin:  USAActors:  Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan DuryeaWriters: Georges de La Fouchardière, André Mouézy-Éon, Dudley NicholsScarletStreet consists of a variety of different types of actors andactresses. There is a cashier, a scheming prostitute, and her boyfriendis even a harder schemer than she is. Scarlett fakes her death, but inreality it turns out to be a true murder. This is just one of manymasterful scenes in what is arguably Fritz Lang’s greatest American filmand one of his finest overall. A mild mannered cashier and Sundayafternoon artist, is being honored at a dinner in a Greenwich Villagerestaurant for twenty-five years of loyal service to his company. Laterthat night, on his way to the subway to go back to his Brooklynapartment, he sees a woman being smacked around by a man.

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