Prompt: Politicians and other officials receive dozens if n

Prompt: Politicians and other officials receive dozens if not hundreds of emails daily; research has shown that a hard-copy letter sent in the mail is a more effective approach (because it is a more formal and personalized document that can be actively directed towards a single individual). Identify an issue or problem in your local community that you are concerned about, research who an appropriate audience in the government is and what his/her contact information is, and compose a claim letter that outlines the problem(s), your concern(s), and a recommendation of how to improve it/them. Whether you actually distribute your letter is up to you (although you are encouraged to do so, of course), but craft the letter as if you were going to send it to your audience in the real world.Please make sure that your letter is formatted in full block format and include all of the necessary elements (including your contact info, date, audience contact info, salutation, letter text, sign-off, scanned hand signature, and typed name). In addition to the layout and formatting, the letter’s tone, organization, grammatical and mechanical accuracy, etc. will be considered when this assignment is graded.

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