Provide a minimum of a 100 word response to a classmate. In

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Provide a minimum of a 100 word response to a classmate. In your response, please share your thoughts on how to support children with these disorders in your future professional role (elementary school teacher).Specific Language Impairmentthe term language pathologists use for children whose language development is 12 months or more behind their chronological age and is not associated with other sensory or intellectual deficits or diagnosed cerebral damage. Prevalence among preschool children are estimated about 7% to 10% depending on the age it is diagnosed. There are as many as 10% in 2-year old’s but it drops to around 7% about 2 years later. What is Specific Learning ImpairmentA learning disorder in which delays the language skills in children who have no problems or any other developmental delays. SLI has numerous names it is referred to like language delay, developmental language delay, developmental dysphasia. Specific Learning Impairment affects about 7 to 8 percent of children in Kindergarten and continues into adulthood. SLI is the most common childhood learning disabilities.Traits Characterize Specific Language Impairment·Slow progress in speech following normal onset time. In other words, children with SLI begin to speak at about the same time as other children, but over time, their development lags.·Problems with morphology, especially producing word endings such as -ing or -ed.·Difficulty with picking up the meanings of new words from context.·Problems with generalizing of forms, for example, that -ing is used on all verbs to indicate ongoing action. (Davidson & De Villers, 2012)Children with SLI are not affected with brain damage and there is no brain abnormality. Some disorders do result in specific brain damage and are known as aphasias. There are three types that are recognized more by the professionals they are as follows receptive, expressive, and global. Diagnoses of SLI in childrenSpecific Language Impairment is usually first diagnosed by the parents of a child and if the parents do not suspect any problems then it will probably be caught by the child’s pre-school teacher. The teacher will call in numerous speech-language professionals to help aid in the diagnoses. One specific evaluator would be a speech-language pathologist, which is a health professional trained to evaluate and treat children with speech or language problems. Test are run by the speech-language pathologist like number of words in the child’s vocabulary, the quality of spoken language, how well the sentences are constructed and if the child can keep the words in proper order. Pathologist use numerous tools during interactions between the child like puppets and other toys to help aid in keeping the concentration and help to focus on specific rules of grammar and especially the misuse of verb tenses. Pathologist like to test children between 3 and 8 years old and these tests are helpful in diagnosing children who have SLI.References…Davidson & De Villers,

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