Psychology and AssessmentsSelecting an Instrument Consider t

Psychology and AssessmentsSelecting an Instrument Consider that you are a psychology professional, working in your area of interest in an educational setting (public or private school setting). Pick one of the following instruments to consider while answering the questions below: (350 words)Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL 1 ½ – 5) (CBCL 4 – 18)Adult Basic Learning ExaminationAmerican College Testing Program – A-C-TChild Sexual Behavior InventoryConnors Rating Scales, Revised (CRS-R)Cooperative Achievement TestDiagnostic Mathematics InventoryGraduate Record ExaminationHorn Art Aptitude InventoryKaufman Assessment Battery for Children – IIKeyMath RevisedLearning Potential Assessment DeviceMedical College Admission Test (MCAT)Metropolitan Mathematics Instructional TestsMetropolitan Readiness TestsMiller Analogies TestQuality of School Life ScalesScholastic Aptitude TestSeashore Measures of Musical TalentsSRA California Achievement TestsStanford Diagnostic Mathematics TestStanford Diagnostic Mathematics TestStanford Diagnostic Reading TestStudy Habits ChecklistSurvey of School AttitudesSurvey of Study Habits and AttitudesWechsler Individual Achievement Test – II (WIAT-II)What I Like to Do Interest InventoryWide Range Achievement Test – IV (WRAT-IV)Woodcock Johnson – IIIWoodcock Reading Mastery Tests – RevisedLocate appropriate support material in order to address the following:1. What data regarding the reliability of the instrument is available (integrate major issues from Unit 4)?2. What data regarding the validity of the instrument is available (integrate major issues from Unit 5)?3. What is purported to be measured by the instrument?4. In your specialty area, how would information from this instrument be employed to assist a client in an educational setting?  Be sure to include references as appropriate.

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