qnt351_r4_bims_case_study_part_one.docPrepare a 1,050 to 120

qnt351_r4_bims_case_study_part_one.docPrepare a 1,050 to 1200 word report of conclusions drawn from the data and make recommendations to the management. This must be completed from the attached article.Support recommendations by citing literature consistent with APA guidelines.Address the following:Present the BIMS situation as an overview—problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses.Describe the instrument used for data collection.Identify types of data collected—quantitative, qualitative, or both—and how the data is collected.Identify the level of measurement for each of the variables involved in the study.Code the data if you have not done so. Describe how the data is coded and evaluate the procedure used.Clean the data by eliminating the data input errors made.Draw conclusions about appropriateness of the data to meet the purpose of the study.

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