Question 11You are the project manager of anenvironmental co

Question 11You are the project manager of anenvironmental company that was hired to cleanup a historical arseniccontamination site. Soil sampling results indicated the area impacted witharsenic above action levels is 30 feet by 55 feet. The depth of the arsenicplume is three feet below ground surface. The land owner wanted to clean thissite for future development. Using your textbook, answer the questions below tohelp you prepare a cost estimate for this portion of the project. Your solutions and any assumptions tojustify your estimate must be shown.1.  Whatis the chemical symbol of arsenic, and what group/family does it belong to?2.  Solvefor the minimum volume of soil that will be excavated in cubic yards?3.  Ifeach dump truck can transport 18 cubic yards, determine how many dump trucksloads will be transported? For calculation purposes, add a 15% “fluff factor”(add to the volume that will be transported).  4.  Ifthe bulk density of soil is 1350 kg/m3 (84.3 lb/ft3), solve for the weight ofthe soil that will be transported to a disposal site in kilograms?

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