QUESTION 1Create a source card from the following source&nbspP

QUESTION 1Create a source card from the following source: Path: Path: Path: pWords:010 points  QUESTION 4Every source on the works cited page should be referenced somewhere in the text of the report. True False2 points  QUESTION 5You do not need to use citations for information that has been paraphrased or summarized. True False2 points  QUESTION 6Every quote or paraphrase used in a report must be embedded and analyzed. True False2 points  QUESTION 7On the works cited page, the entries are indented like paragraphs; the first line is indented and the lines that follow the first one are extend to the margins. True False2 points  QUESTION 8The works cited page is organized in alphabetical order according to titles of the works. True False2 points  QUESTION 9In which type of source would you be most likely to find expert testimony?a pollan interviewan encyclopediaa blog3 points  QUESTION 10Which type of evidence would you be most likely to find in an interview?definitionsscientific evidenceanecdotal evidencepublic opinion

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