QUESTION 1“Market research is only required once in the ma

QUESTION 1“Market research is only required once in the marketing cycle”. Discuss this statement. QUESTION 2Consider an Onkaparinga Council program to promote sustainability to their residents, due to run in financial year 2015/16. The program contains the following three initiatives:1. Providing advice to consumers (and businesses) about how they can make their homes (and premises/operations) more energy efficient2. Promoting and arranging trials and demonstrations of energy efficient products3. Running educational programs for schools highlighting the benefits of responsible energy use and the sustainability conceptWrite a marketing objective for each of the three initiatives that uses the SMART approach.QUESTION 3Describe the five things a company can do to maximise their success at the implementation phase of marketing.QUESTION 4Pizza Hut recently launched a $4m marketing communications campaign to promote the Pizza Hut brand and range of pasta meals. Pizza Hut’s objective is for pasta to account for 20% of its business by 2016. How can they assess their performance? need is to been done by 1 day please

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