QUESTION 1Which property describes an acid but not a base?fe

QUESTION 1Which property describes an acid but not a base?feels slipperyreacts with pure metalstastes bitterreacts with water3 pointsQUESTION 2Which of the following definitions of acids and bases focuses on the transfer of the H+ particle?I. ArrheniusII. Brønsted-LowryIII. LewisI and III and IIIII and IIII, II, and III3 pointsQUESTION 3Which of the following is an Arrhenius acid?HBrNH3CH4C6H12O63 pointsQUESTION 4In the reaction, HF + H2O → H3O+ + F-, what is the conjugate base?HFH2OH3O+F-3 pointsQUESTION 5What is the correct name of HI?iodic acidhydroiodide acidhydroiodic acidiodide acid3 pointsQUESTION 6What is the correct name of HClO3?hydrochloric acidchloric acidchlorous acidperchloric acid3 pointsQUESTION 7What is the correct name of KOH?potassium (I) hydroxidepotassium hydroxidepotassium oxygen hydrogenpotassium oxygen hydride3 pointsQUESTION 8Which of the following are Lewis acids?BF3NH4+OH-Cl-

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