QuestionBy expanding upon Mary Meekers work on eBay valu

Question:By expanding upon Mary Meeker’s work on eBay valuation as discussed in chapter two of your textbook,Shefrin discusses in details how heuristics, framing, and other psychological factors can affect the waymanagers and analysts value companies. He also discusses how calculation of Free Cash Flows could bemanipulated and possibly misused when it comes to arriving at a price for a given stock.In this question, I want to test your understanding of what exactly Shefrin tries to accomplish inchapter two through both qualitative and quantitative arguments. To do that, consider that you have beeninvited to present a workshop before a group of analysts and managers; and the topic of your discussion issimilar to the discussions presented in chapter two of Shefrin on valuation which involves both concepts andnumbers. I want you to consider and expand upon both the qualitative and quantitative discussions that wereused in that chapter. In this question and based on what was stated in above, your job then is to prepare andsubmit to me the needed lecture notes along with any related calculations that you would use in yourpresentation. Your submission should then contain a fair amount of conceptual/qualitative materials alongwith some supporting quantitative analysis and/or examples. For such a purpose, feel free to use and buildupon the tables and numerical examples that are discussed in chapter 2. Your quantitative analysis wouldcertainly help the attendees to better understand the points that you want to make in your presentation. For theconceptual portion of your submission use one (1) Word file and for the quantitative portion use one (1) Excelfile.Note: Points will be taken off for responses that lack organization and order.Maximum pages: 4 pages, double-space, size 12 for your Word file. There is no page limit for using tables orExcel sheets/tabsPlease answer this question using textbook Hersh Shefrin (2007) behavioral corporate finance. The chapter 2 should be the one to look for.

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