questions 1.docx) Below youwill find selected information (i

questions 1.docx) Below youwill find selected information (in millions) from Coca-Cola Co.’s 2012 AnnualReport.Income TaxesPayable$471Short-termInvestments and Marketable Securities 8,109Cash8,442Othernon-current Liabilities10,449Common Stock1,760Receivables4,812Other CurrentAssets2,973Long-termInvestments10,448OtherNon-current Assets3,585Property,Plant and Equipment23,486Trademarks6,527OtherIntangible Assets20,810Allowance forDoubtful Accounts53AccumulatedDepreciation9,010AccountsPayable8,680Short TermNotes Payable17,874PrepaidExpenses2,781Other CurrentLiabilities796Long-TermLiabilities 14,736Paid-in-Capitalin Excess of Par Value11,379RetainedEarnings55,038Inventories3,264TreasuryStock 35,009 Otherinformation taken from the Annual Report.Sales Revenuefor 2012$48,017Cost of GoodsSold for 2012 19,053Net Incomefor 2012 9,019InventoryBalance on 12/31/11 3,092Net AccountsReceivable Balance on 12/31/11 4,920Total Assetson 12/31/11 79,974EquityBalance on 12/31/11 31,921Required: 1: Using the information provided prepare a Balance Sheet. Separate thecurrent assets from non-current assets and provide a total for each. Also,separate the current liabilities from the non-current liabilities and provide atotal for each.2: Using the Balance Sheet from your answer above, calculate the CurrentRatio and Return on common stockholders’ equity.

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