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Reading Link : Fill in the following templates with material from Martin Luther King’s ‘Letter form Birmingham Jail’ 2.Strive to make the quotations work with them templates; for example, ifthe template is “X complains that____________,” be sure the quotationyou use can in fact be understood as a complaint of some kind. In otherwords, think about what the verbs are doing; what is the differencebetween X argues & X suggests? Or X concedes & X agrees?3.You could just scroll through the essay and pick random quotations, butget in the habit of only using quotations that make a point well. Ifyou find three different sentences that states the samebasic information, choose the one you think is the best of the three.(This approach may be altered when you are disagreeing with someone—youmight want to choose the weakest; however, remember that whendisagreeing with someone’s argument, you must be fair).Need To AnswerCapturing Authorial ActionKing argues that ___________.King complains that ___________.King concedes that __________.King refutes the claim that __________.  (Hint: look for where he argues against descriptivists)Introducing QuotationsAccording to King, “___________.”King disagrees with descriptivists when he writes, “____________.”King complicates the matters further when he writes, “_____________.”Explaining QuotationsIn other words, X believes ___________.In making this comment, King argues that __________.X is insisting that ____________.

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