Readthe scenario and apply your understanding of crisis mana

Readthe scenario and apply your understanding of crisis management to respond tothe discussion questions that follow.Scenario:While interviewing Tom, a new client, you begin tosuspect that he might be high. His responses to your questions do not makesense and you worry that he is getting agitated. He blurts out that he came tosee you because he “needs money NOW” and does not understand why he has toanswer so many questions. He stands up and demands that you give him moneybecause he needs to go. You calmly ask him to sit down so that you can help himcomplete the paperwork. You also explain that he will not get money today oreven later and that public services include food stamps, public housing (eitherfree or reduced payments), and medical insurance. He can apply for monetaryassistance if he has lost a job (not been fired) and qualifies forunemployment. Hearing this, he becomes further agitated and throws his fist onyour desk. “You DON’T UNDERSTAND! I have nowhere to live, no money, no car, nofamily. If you can’t help me, I just don’t know what I’ll do.”Questions: Given the client’semotional state, behaviors, and your suspicion of substance abuse, howshould you proceed to help him to move from his crisis state? Do you haveto do anything about the threat of suicide?What immediatereferrals will you make given his needs? Provide support for yourresponse, justify why each referral is necessary, and explain how youwould prioritize those needs.Should you notifysomeone in his family about his seemingly unstable state? Why or why not?

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