Respond to the post suggesting one activity or strategy tha

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Respond to the post suggesting one activity or strategy that could be used to support the current stage of development they discussed. Use the chapter attached to help answer the post.My observation is of an infant that is crawling around making noises with his voices. He has not learn to say words but his babbling is his way of communication. Next this child is being held up by his arms by a caretaker because an infant can not stand alone at this stage but can pull up with assistance. According to Piper (2012) state ‘Infants babbling may sound like random noises with only a few of the sounds resembling language but gradually the noises start to take on the characteristics of the language or languages around them.'(p.6.2). When children began to babble the adult does not interfere but allow the child to exercise their voice. Piper (2012) also states ‘The importance of babbling is to give babies practice in using the articulatory system-especially the mouth, tongue, and lips-that they will eventually use to talk; early babbling sounds pretty much the same all over the world; children who are deaf do babble, but they tend to start a little later , If their parents sign to then they may start to babble with gestures and one of the first identifiable sounds is m, a sound contented babies make while nursing’. (p. 6.2). These babies seem to be happy as they are crawling and being held up. It made me thought about my tem month old grandson he to is babbling. When I am talking he is looking straight at my mouth and then he will start his babbling my two year old granddaughter is using words. Piper, T. (2012). Making meaning, making sense: Children’s early language learning. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

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