Securities Market From the e-Activity, examine the mission

Securities Market’ From the e-Activity, examine the mission and history of theSEC. Determine whether the regulatory bodies of the securities market have beenhelpful or hurtful to the average investor since their creation. Support yourdecision. (Go to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Website locatedat the mission and history of the SEC, listed under “Introduction”. Beprepared to discuss. )Select one specific regulation of the securities market, andpropose three ways that you believe that regulation can be improved. Pleaseelaborate with details.Justify why a small investor would benefit from investing ina mutual fund, as compared to the many other investments that exist. Providesupport for your justification. Take a position on the benefits and risks of amutual fund versus a hedge fund, indicating if a financial manager is mostlikely to invest in a mutual fund or a hedge fund. Support your answer.

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