Select a topic related to Operational Management that utiliz

Select a topic related to Operational Management that utilized and used at your place of employment, a local company that you can have an access to, or from the internet and write a report applying the concepts and techniques like:Strategy, Process Planning and DesignControlling Processes, process improvementCapacity, Scheduling, and Location PlanningSupply chain managementRequired Paper Formats:4-6  pagesDouble-Spaced1” Margins on all   sides of the document.12-point, Arial fontA simple cover page.APA academic formatting will NOT be required for this paper, however it will require a work’s cited/reference page with parenthetical references sourced from passages in the paper back to the works cited/reference page. FriendsUniversity’s policy on Academic Honesty and Plagiarism remain in effect and will be enforced if necessary.

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