select and&nbspgoogle&nbspa developing country of her/his choosing

select and google a developing country of her/his choosing; ‘ in africa·name at least five main health issues in that country;·determine if the healthcare system is equally distributed between the rural areas and the urban areas;·determine the role a) the government and b) the private sector play in the healthcare sector of that country;·determine whether or not that country has been receiving foreign aid in the area of health;üIf so, what segment of the population has been benefiting from it?·whether or not corruption is a problem in that country; ·if so, describe at least three of the corruption practices which negatively affect the development of the healthcare system in that country;·describe if corruption practices are being defeated or they are expanding;·provide a threefold institutional and policy reforms that that country has been undertaking and/or should undertake to help alleviate and eventually defeat corruption to enable foreign aid improve the healthcare system in that developing country.üWould decentralization of the healthcare system be part of these institutional and policy reforms?üIf yes, why?

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