StrategicPlanning Process Law EnforcementWhat is a strategic

StrategicPlanning Process Law EnforcementWhat is a strategic plan as it relates tothe future goals and objectives of the organization?  Why is it importantto have a strategic plan in place for a budgeting process? A strategic plan is adocument in an organization that clearly states the organizations goals andways to achieve the goals. The manager of the organization is obliged withdetermining the strategy. A strategic plan has two processes which include theimplementation and the implementation of the strategy. The strategic plan ifimplemented adequately the organization would turn out to be among the mosthighly respected organization in the region. This would also ensure that theorganizations would bring about great profits and grow as fast.   Organization’swhich have used strategic plans during their financial year have grown globallyall around the globe. The organization would also be able to work out theirmissions and visions if they are able to come up with the best strategic planof them all. Strategic planning will also help the organization to grow and beable to fit in fast globally. The institution will be a public figure since theother institutions will want to know the secret. Strategic planning majors inthe theory of technology and explores in its role (Nig, and Hn, 2005).  Whenthe organization implements a good and effective strategic plan, this will theorganization to expand and grow globally at an appreciating rate. The world willhave an interest in getting involved with the organization which will improvethe networking between the organization and the globe (Haines, 2008). Astrategic plan in an organization is hence termed as an important process in anorganization.“A true leader needs to thinktactically and strategically to get ahead, to fight complacency, to motivateothers and to persevere. Many great leaders and supervisors have alreadycreated a personal strategic plan without realizing what they have done. It isinnate to some and can easily be learned by others. Supervisors, subordinatesand the police agency can reap great benefits simply by focusing on that isdesired and spending some time on how to get there” (Gove, 2006).  One of the most vital keys to the success ofany police department is the recruiting and retaining employees. In Virginia Experts estimate that in theTidewater region of Virginia, police agencies spend $70,000 per officer in theprocess from recruitment to the FTO training period (Stiehm,  2012). It is important to note that In an era ofdecreasing public resources, enforcement agencies should look toward strategicgetting to make sure that agency goals are properly known. All agency membersshould work toward those goals established by senior police management.ReferencesGove, T. G. (2006, January).Police Chief Magazine – View Article. Retrieved…id… – SimilarHaines, S. (2008). Successful strategicplanning . Menlo Park, Calif.: Crisp PublicationsNig, R, & Hn, R. (2005). Process-basedstrategic planning (3rd Ed.). Berlin: Springer Stiehm, M. (2012, March 5). Comprehensive Strategic Planning | LawEnforcement Today. Retrieved…/comprehensive-strategic-… – Similar  Please look over make any changes, get rid on one or two references thanks

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