Submit Your Final Draft ofthe Comparison/Contrast EssayThis

Submit Your Final Draft ofthe Comparison/Contrast EssayThis week before turning in your finalessay, you will polish your ideas and language one last time, and incorporateany helpful suggestions made by your instructor in the Gradebook for Week10.At the start of the week, it may also be a good time to considersubmitting the current draft of your essay to the Smarthinking paper reviewservice for extra feedback. This is a free resource that can be accessed throughthe Tutoring page under Course Home. Finalize the revised draft of youressay. Once you revise and make the necessary changes, proofread your essay andedit for spelling and grammar errors. Editing your essay is very important tothe flow of your essay as a whole, and will help ensure a clear finaldraft. Remember that thecomparison/contrast essay is a research paper, not a personal essay. Includeyour thoughts and ideas in the essay, but by writing only in the objective,academic third person. Do not use first person (I,me, my, us, we) or secondperson (any form of you).You should include 2-3 credibleoutside sources in your assignment to support the main points you makeabout how/why one item is superior (or inferior) to the other.

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