The assignment for this week is to select your Week # 7 Rese

The assignment for this week is to select your Week # 7 Research Paper Topic. Please see below for the details: Week 2: Research Paper Topic Selection due (i.e. this week by Sunday at 11:55 p.m.): Week 4: Research Paper Outline Week 7: Research Paper Due Topic Selection: For this exercise – please select a topic that you will research for your Week 7 Research Paper, and submit your selection. You need only to briefly state the topic title or area of research within the Comments section. If you have another topic related (to this Class’ subject matter) topic that you prefer that is not on the list below, feel free to submit it: The modern (state-of-the-art) Biometrics environmentComponents and functions of a biometric database and repositoryMultibiometric systems that are categorized into three system architectures according to the strategies used for information fusionFeatures and functions of a biometric ID management systemSmart card technologies within the access-control environmentSuccessful implementation and operation of a biometric security systemIdentify standards and standards organizations that impact the biometric industryLegal and legislative issues associated with the biometric industry

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