The best way to identify strengths and weaknesses of an infr

The best way to identify strengths and weaknesses of an infrastructure sector is to conduct a survey or vulnerability assessment. Following the parameters of the type of assessment tool being used, any weaknesses in the critical infrastructure component will be noted and brought to attention to the agencies responsible for the component. Many tools contain a checklist, which is used to eliminate the possibility of overlooking a vulnerability factor.Assignment GuidelinesAddress the following in 5–7 pages:Conduct a vulnerability analysis on a component of critical infrastructure of your choice.You may select the vulnerability assessment method or tool, but you must fully explain the assessment methodology in your final report.In your report, you must address the following questions:What vulnerability assessment method did you use? Explain why.What strengths did you find with regard to your selected critical infrastructure component? Explain in detail.What vulnerabilities did you find associated with your selected critical infrastructure component? Explain in detail.Is there any information that you would require for a more thorough analysis? Explain why or why not.What challenges did you encounter? Explain.How did you overcome these challenges? Explain.Your report must use the following format:TitleSynopsisExecutive summaryIntroductionDetailsSummaryConclusionFinal recommendations to the agency or agencies responsible for the componentBe sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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