The critique is not required to be any specific page lengtho

The critique is not required to be any specific page lengthor word count as quality is more important than quantity. Place the citation at the upper left hand ofthe paper on the top of the page. Use atitle page for your name, course number, title of assignment, and date. The content of the critique should includethe following:Problem – usually one sentenceSubjects – number, type, age, sexMethod – data gathering procedures including names ofinstruments, paper or mechanicalFindings – include statistical significance levelsConclusions and implicationsDo not regurgitatethe article to me. This is not a summarybut a critique of the methodology used in the study. See me if you have any questions.Research Article CritiqueThe following are suggestions for thought when examining each “facet” of the research.TitleWas it succinct and clearly statedAccurately represents the workAuthorQualificationsProblemInclusive and clearly statedConcepts were researchableRationale for study was clearly identifiedReview of the LiteratureDeal with the problem conceptsFlows from lease relevant to most relevantPrimary sources were usedReferences current Appropriate classic sources includedDocumentation was clear and completeReview was summarized at the end with implications for proposed studyStudy FrameworkNecessary concepts includedConcepts present succinctlyConcepts/theory served as foundation for the methodologyPurpose/HypothesisClearly derived from the concepts/theoretical frameworkIf appropriate to the study, it was clearly statedHypothesis was clearly derived from the purposeIf hypothesis stated, it was testableVariables were operationally definedAssumptionsWere clearly defined and statedWere validDefinitionsNecessary definitions were includedAll definitions were includedSamplePopulation criteria defined Criteria appropriate to the population/hypothesisSampling technique describedResponse rate identifiedSample size adequateHuman rights protectedSample mortalityData Collection MethodsMethods clearly and logically describedMethods appropriate for the hypothesis/questionMethods appropriate for subjects and settingsTools and measurements Method of development Author of each instrument How the instrument/tool was used in the studyScoring methods describedReliability data provided for each instrumentValidity data provided for each instrumentLikely sources of error described and controlledMethod for manipulation of independent variable describedFindings/Statistical AnalysisEvidence apparent that procedures were conducted as plannedAnalysis dealt with all information that was gatheredTechnique of statistical appropriate to the level of dataFindings were summarized and consistent with those expectedStated findings were related to the hypothesis/questionInterpretations reached were justified by the findingsConclusions reached were justified by the findingsAreas of additional study were identified and consistent with findingsStudy sufficiently clear to allow for replicationWhat was missing? Did they leave out any population characteristics, how data was handled or allude to information they collected but did not present?

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