The disease is arthitis. Conduct a detailed analysis of that

The disease is arthitis. Conduct a detailed analysis of that disease, exploring it from a balanced traditional and alternative health perspective.Begin by searching the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website Diseases and Conditions Index to choose a disease or condition of interest to you. Next, review the website for Healthy People 2020 for information related to the disease or the disease category (e.g., mental health for ADHD). In your paper, discuss the following:Prominent aspects of this diseaseCurrent data and statistics related to the diseaseHealth disparities related to the diseasePrevention strategies including complementary and alternative health therapiesContemporary research and clinical studies related to the diseaseAn analysis of the pathophysiologic effects of stress related to the disease Evidence-based stress management interventions that might help with prevention or cureThe paper should be between 3–4 pages.Incorporate at least three scholarly sources within the paper. Sources should be no more than three years old.Use proper APA format to cite and reference sources.Please use these links and cite throughout the document. IN TEXT CITATIONS FROM THESE SITES PLEASE…

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