The free energy ofemulsion formation is given by DGform= gDA

The free energy ofemulsion formation is given by DGform= gDA  – TDSconfig Where g is the interfacial energy, DA is the increase in surface area fromforming the emulsion and DSconfig is the configurational entropy which is positive. The configurationentropy is related to the number of droplets formed and the volume fraction ofliquid 2 (the internal phase) by the following expression.(10)DSconfig  = -nk[lnj +((1-j)/j )ln(1-j)]j = the phasevolume of the emulsionn = the number ofdropletsk = Boltzmman’sconstantIf g is low enough emulsification couldtheoretically occur spontaneously.Use the formula tocalculate the value of g required for spontaneous emulsification at 25 C for an emulsion of 800grams of oil with a density (specific gravity) of 0.8 into 1000 grams of waterproducing a drop diameter of 0.1 micron.

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