The organizational culture plays a significant role in wheth

The organizational culture plays a significant role in whether or not an organization is a learning organization. Define what a strong organizational culture is, and then identify an organization that you believe has a strong learning culture. How does having a strong learning culture play into the success of the organization? (150 Words) Define the term ‘theory’ and identify one learning/training theory with which you are familiar. In which situations would this theory be best utilized, and when would it not? (150 Words) Explain the purpose of a needs analysis and the necessity of conducting one before implementing training. What risks does one run if a needs analysis is not conducted before training is implemented? In addition, talk about a needs analysis within the context of a well-developed training and development program. (200 Words)  Discuss the importance of focusing a training design on the trainee; include the advantages and disadvantages. In what scenarios should a training design be focused on the organization versus the employee? (150 Words)

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