the ppt is my classmate work, it is how it is look like.&nbspYo

the ppt is my classmate work, it is how it is look like. Your PPT should:- Include about 5-7 slides. and work cited page.- Be a focused discussion of your research project.  You will not have space to cover every aspect of your work, so be selective. – Include specific citations to your materials on each slide (Author, Pg. #), and have a bibliography at the end.- Make sure that you have a clear title page so that other students can identify you when they do their comparisons.   you should do PPT for history 162 and 280. total 2 PPT deadline: 24 hours from now.Attachments: egyptian_philosophy_and_everyday_life_600_bce_1.pptx history_280_final_project_edditted_1.docx 162_draft.docx

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