The questions below need to be answered regarding the attac

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The questions below need to be answered regarding the attached article ‘ supermarket prime real estate’.The the attached ‘ project 1 writing assignment’ needs to be completed. You will find all the details in the attachment. MLA format for the writing project. Blog Entry- Do you identify the author and title of the article?What do you identify as the author’s main claim, the argument, not merely what the author “talks about”? For example–Incorrect: Smith discusses the eating habits of dogs compared to those of cats.Correct: Smith contends that dogs eat more peas than cats do.(Here, the readers want to know the differences in eating habits. Summarize the author’s ideas!)Do you indicate the author’s purpose? Does the writer establish the context of the issue?Do you use any direct quotations? If so, are the quotations necessary (something you can’t express as effectively or eloquently as the author), and are they cited properly? If not, indicate which quotes need revision.Do you use paraphrases? Do you attribute the author? Are there any areas where you sound like you are claiming the author’s ideas to be your own?Do you remain objective throughout his/her summary? If not, identify where you stray into subjectivity. If you are objective, what words/phrases/strategies, lead you to believe that you are presenting an objective analysis of the article being summarized?What areas do you think need improvement? What is your plan in making those revisions?

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