The term criteria is defined as astandard on which a judgmen

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The term criteria is defined as astandard on which a judgment or decision is based on. Criteriafunctions in helping someone make a decision by giving them a startingon point on the minimum requirements needed for something, it could be acandidate who has applied for a job, or it can be requirements forpurchasing a new home. An employer’s criteria for seeking a potentialcandidate for a position could be a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’sdegree and 5 years experience in the related field. A home buyer’scriteria for purchasing a home could be that the home has at least 3bedrooms and a ½ acre of land.The topic for my assignment will be how to improve the educationassistance program approval system. At the moment, the system is notuser friendly and difficult to navigate through. The criteria I willuse to determine my decision will be user functionality andaccessibility when the employee is off the network. User functionalityis important because our current system gets loads of questions comingin to customer service only for questions regarding navigating throughthe system. The ability of employees using the system off the networkis important as well especially since employees are not authorized touse the system during work hours, so if the system is available off thenetwork they will not be tempted to use it during work hours.

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