The textbook describes an Incident Response Plan (IRP) as a

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The textbook describes an Incident Response Plan (IRP) as a set ofprocesses and procedures that anticipate, detect, and mitigate theeffects of an unexpected event – also referred to as an incident. Createan Incident Response Plan (IRP) for the company you chose and includethe following sections:HINT: Outlines are typically used to create IR plans. Therefore,use the following assignment requirement outline as a template verses anessay format to complete the assignment. 1. Incident Response Policy – include each of theNIST IR policy key components outlined in the textbook in your IR policy(descriptions of each component in your own words)2. Incident Response Procedures2.1. Notification of KeyPersonal (IT, business operations, vendors, outside emergency agencies,hospital, utilities, etc.) – create a contact list with primary andbackup personal, titles, name, primary and secondary telephone numbers,etc.)2.2. Incident Documentation Procedures – including initial notification and incident report forms in an Appendix2.3. Incident Containment Strategies2.4. Incident Escalation Procedures3. Incident Recovery / Damage Assessment Procedures –include each of the process steps outlined in the textbook (in your ownwords)4. Evidence Preservation Procedures – copies of logs, email, and other documentable communication, lists of witnesses5. Post Incident Follow-up Procedures

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