This assignment asks you to connect your placement experienc

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This assignment asks you to connect your placement experience to readings, discussions, and activities we have covered in this class. It is an opportunity to bridge your practical experiences with the material you have covered in the quarter. You will start with describing your placement and your role there. Next you will reflect on your time there – incidents, observations, routines, policies etc. This forms half of your paper. Then you will have to connect your experiences to 4 concepts from the course either from readings or presentations (these should all be available on Canvas for you to view). These connections to do not have to be direct connections but anything that your experiences reminded you of – so indirect connections are acceptable too. Explain the connection in context to your placement. This section forms the second half of the paper. You will conclude with how service learning has pushed your thinking on early learning and early childhood. Again, follow the rubric available on Canvas to structure your paper and make sure you have addressed all that is asked on it. Please remember to include in-text citations and a full reference list at the end of your paper. You may write all your assignments in first person if you prefer.…/…/…/…/ (Here are some readings you might need. And I volunteer at YMCA (The kids Corner). I go every Tuesday afternoon 3:30 and be there to help look after kids whose mothers or fathers are busy. We play games together, and I read books for them. The kids are very nice and cute.)

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