This assignment involves acritical report that is a comparis

This assignment involves acritical report that is a comparison of a paper from WA and from another partof Australia or the world that examines related aspects of cropping systems indifferent parts of Australia or the world. There is a list of potential papersat the end of this assignment sheet. Please choose one paper. You will need tofind another paper from a scientific journal (not a conference paper) that isabout the same topic but relates to either a part of Australia outside of WA oranother part of the world. There must be no authors in common between the twopapers.The topic we haveselected from paper one is :-” McCauley, R., Davies, M., &Wyntje, A. (2012). The step-wise approach to adoption of genetically modified(GM) canola in Western Australia. AgBioForum, 15(1), 61-69. Available on theWorld Wide Web: ”This the topic selected for another paper by us :-” Huesing, J. E., Andres, D.,Braverman, M. P., Burns, A., Felsot, A. S., Harrigan, G. G., … & Morris,E. J. (2016). Global Adoption of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops: Challengesfor the Public Sector. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 64(2), 394-402.”Use APA with 24 reference. No plagiarism and grammar errors.Guidelines attached.

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