THIS IS THE ASSIGNMENTSocial Work Pizza (10 points)Pizza is

THIS IS THE ASSIGNMENTSocial Work Pizza (10 points):Pizza is one of those delicious foods that we can picture and see in our minds with little effort. In order to have a great pizza experience, a person has to eat a great pizza! But how does one acquire a great pizza? You order it from somewhere! We all have individual tastes, and therefore some restaurants are ‘better’ than others. However, all pizza makers have an ingredient list for their delicious pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato-basil sauce, crust/dough, etc). If a pizza contains the proper ingredients, is prepared according to recipe directions, and cooked according to recipe directions, it is logical to say that each pizza made with that recipe will be a good pizza (just don’t burn it).For this first assignment, think about the field of ‘Social Work’ like it is a pizza. Think about all of the things that you know about this field like they are ‘ingredients’. Everything that you have read about, heard about, and seen in life prior to this course could create your personal ingredient list! Using your critical thinking skills and your writing skills, create your own unique ‘Social Work Pizza’ recipe. With each ingredient that you list, give at least one full sentence explaining why you are putting that on your ingredient list. This assignment will help you introduce yourself to your classmates, as well as the instructor and TA’s of the course. An important part of this assignment is being able to identify and discuss where your beliefs, ideas, and thoughts about social work come from. Where we learn an idea is equally important to the idea itself. Ensure that you discuss the experiences, influences, and policies that impact your perspective in your assignment.There is no one way or correct way to create your social work pizza. Your perspective about social work (A.K.A the way you make your ‘pizza’) is your own. Be creative and have fun! For instance, you could make a pizza pie chart that has the percentages of your ingredient list. You could also organize your list into a step-by-step process where you think certain ingredients have to come before the other ingredients.For this assignment, post your “Social Work Pizza” in the Social Work Pizza Discussion Board. Student submissions need to be between 125-300 words in length, so make your words count and don’t write to just fill space! Additionally, you will be asked to respond to a peer(s) in your group. Remember, complete this assignment before doing your readings and other assignments, that way you can compare your knowledge before and after the course material! You will be asked to refer back to this post in your Final Reflection post of the course in the last module.AND THIS IS THE POSTI am a marketing major and I have never learned to much about social work but I do have a very broad understanding of what they do. There are many fields you can go into as a social worker. I have Cystic Fibrosis so there is a social worker I see every three months in the doctors office. She is there to help with anything a patient needs and makes sure they are aware of all the resources that are out there. Social workers can also work in schools and with kids in foster care. The tasks may very depending on where you work but the main purpose of social work is to help others.In order to be a social worker there are a couple of key  ingredients. The first step to being a social worker is to have a drive to help others because that will keep them motivated to work. The next ingredient is to have empathy towards others, a lot of times they will not be able to relate to every clients situation but it’s important to understand what they are going through. Then they must add  trust, without trust there would be no way of making sure they are helping out their clients to their greatest potential. Once they have those main qualities it is important to add the toppings to be an amazing social worker. Since social workers often help people out by letting them know of ways to make their lives easier so it’s important to stay informed on resources that can help their clients out. All of these qualities play a key role in becoming a good social worker and I’m excited to learn about all of the other qualities to make a good social worker.I NEED RESPONSE

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