this is the home work below and you can use the powerpoint t

this is the home work below and you can use the powerpoint that ive submitted to helps you doing the homewokrPart 2.  Review questionsTurn in brief answers to the following questions.  You don’t need to write an essay, just provide enough to show that you understand the concept.IntroductionWhat is geography?  Would you consider Geography a very narrow or very broad field of study overall?What does spatial mean, and how does geography’s interest in space differentiate it from other disciplines?What is the difference between weather and climate? What two key variables are used to define both weather and climate.  Describe three things that influence temperature and precipitation.What is globalization?  Provide some examples of how economic globalization has affected economic growth and economic inequality.North AmericaWhere are populations of the United States and Canada concentrated?  What is the rain shadow effect and how does it affect population concentrations in the western U.S. compared to the eastern U.S.?Tell me one (brief) thing about each of the Physiographic regions of the North American realmWhat is the differences between the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of the economy?   Name a job that is an example of each.What is an outer city?  What is a Central Business District (CBD)?  How has deindustrialization since the 1970’s changed where people live and work?What are tar sands?  What is fracking?What is a mosaic culture?Roughly what percentage of Canadians primarily speak French?  Where are French speakers concentrated?What is the Pacific Rim and why is it considered a global-scale functional region?Part 3.  Current eventFind two news stories from the past year that relate to economic globalization or one of the main topics in Chapter 1 (North America).  At least one article should include something about North America.  For each news story, turn in the following:The title of the article.The date the article was published (or updated)The web link (URL) of the article (or information about the publication if not online).A 1-2 sentence summary of how the article relates to the topic.You are free to choose your news source.  If helpful, I also have a short list of some news sources that I tend to use that are free and cover global news stories: (Links to an external site.) is an example (in red below) of what you turn in should look like:Obama Touts Benefits Of Pacific Trade Deal With Singapore’s Prime Minister Attachments: viewable_ex1e.pptx

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