This song, whose genre is Rhythm and Blues, is released in 1

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This song, whose genre is Rhythm and Blues, is released in 1957.The song starts with accompaniment of piano. Its timbre is cheerful, light, and little bit speedy. Without any special solo part, piano emphasize and support singer’s voice.The overall tempo of the song is fast so it makes listeners excited.There are backing vocals’ harmonical voice which has high note. Elvis Preley’s vocal sounds like a sweet voice of man who longs for love. Instead of rugged or strong sound, he expresses humor and joy, like bouncing rubber ball.There are some moments when only the singer’s voice is heard while all of other sounds such as backing vocals’ voice and background instruments are paused. At that time, Elvis says “Oh teddy bear”, so the lyric is empowered and strongly hits my ear.Middle of the song there is lyrics that “I don’t want to be your tiger, cause tigers play too rough. I don’t want to be your lion, cause lions ain’t the kind you love enough”. It feels like real teddy bear is singing.Also, drum is another background instrument, but I can barely notice it. I think the reason why its sound is so small is to emphasize soft mood of this song.At the last part of the song, chores harmonize and makes long sound, and I think the part is the climax of this song. Energy and emotion are on the top, and then the song is finished as soon. Thus the listeners are not ready to say bye to the song, which makes them feel afterglow.

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