Topic Ideas In 3-5 sentences, identify your two or three to

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Topic Ideas: In 3-5 sentences, identify your two or three top choices for a topic and why they interest you. Topic Selection: In 3-5 sentences, identify your final choice for a topic and why you selected it. Thesis Development: In 3-5 sentences, indicateyour perspective on the topic and reasons that support your perspective.This will form your pattern for development. Working Thesis: Post a working thesis that:•1. Is a single, declarative sentence•2. Is in third person•3. Is persuasive•4. Includes the topic +perspective•5. Includes at least three main ideas in the pattern for development. Example Thesis•To improve the Americaneducation system, teachers and administrators must plan for and engagein meaningful, cost-effective, and time sensitive professionaldevelopment.This week, we’re in the early stages of planning for our final essay.You may have already selected a topic. If you haven’t, select a topicfor our persuasion essay about which you are passionate. .After selecting your topic and watching this week’s lecture on thesisstatements, post a working thesis statement in the discussion forum Persuasive Topics Health Sciences and Nursing Healthcare as a right or privilegeMandatory or voluntary vaccines Electronic medical records versus paper records Diversity awareness in healthcare – mandatory or voluntary Tech and Design Ethical responsibility for video game content – yes or noVideo games do/do not reinforce stereotypes.Marketing of videogames should/should not be subject to parental controlWebsites and hypertext transfer protocols Criminal Justice Interpreters in court do/do not influence verdicts and sentencingMandatory sentencing is/is not a deterrent for certain crimesPrivatizing prisons will/will not make the system more efficientSingle parents homes do/do not cause higher crime ratesRace helps/does not help in community policing ECE Home childcare is/is not a viable alternative to day carePre-school should/should not be mandatoryBreastfeeding is/is not better for mothers and childrenStandardized testing should/should not take place in kindergarten Business Business and personal ethics should/should not convergeDiversity awareness is/is not mandatory for success in businessThe Global Economy is/is not the basis for business expansionMarketing to children is/is not ethical

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