Unit 8 – Media Analysis AssignmentPurpose/ObjectiveTo have

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Unit 8 – Media Analysis AssignmentPurpose/Objective:To have students use a mass communication theory in their analysis of children’s television programming and to promote media literacy habits.Instructions:View 5 to 10 minute clips of children’s programs on TV (you should view at least 3 separate programs). This should range from cartoons to “Sesame Street-type” programs with humans. As you watch the programs pay close attention to the television advertisements that are broadcast on Saturday mornings during the cartoons or during the afternoon hours.After watching the programs and commercials create a well-developed PowerPoint presentation discussing the follow questions, focused on both the programming and the commercials:Programming:What themes, values, stereotypes, and cultural messages did you notice in the children’s programs?Are there differences and similarities among the programs?Are these messages part of the mainstreaming process?Do you think the message of these programs resonate with young viewers?Commercials:After viewing the commercials did you see any examples of puffery, hooks, or similar devices in the persuasive messages of the advertisements?Task:Create a PowerPoint presentation over this topic. The presentation should include at least 8-10 slides and should focus on the relationship between your examples and the theories and concepts presented in the textbook.You should discuss, in detail, your personal responses to the examples you viewed and then use at least 1 theory or concept from the textbook to explain the mass communication problems, issues, or theories associated with the programs you viewed.Grading: Your final PowerPoint presentation will be scored based on the following categories:Quality of information (40 points) – The material is clear and understandable. The information discussed is related to main concepts and theories discussed in our textbook. Supporting details are included and examples are clearly connected to class material.Organization (20 points) – The information is well organized in a logical way. The information is easy to understand and focused throughout the entire presentation.Background and Text (20 points) – The background and text complement each other and slides are free of grammatical and structural errors.Graphics and Transitions (20 points) – Graphics are appropriate and relate to the content discussed. Transitions are present and consistent throughout the presentation.

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