Unit IV Article Review&nbsp The journal article readings for th

Unit IV Article Review  The journal article readings for this unit discuss factors that can influence an individual’s perception of risk. Read the articles and in a three to four page discussion paper:  1. Summarize the key points of each article. 2. Compare and contrast the articles’ approaches to risk perception. 3. Provide your conclusions on the importance of risk perception in the risk management process. 4. Suggest some practical measures that could be used to improve risk perception in a hazardous workplace with which you are familiar, and explain why you think these measures would work.  The assignment must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting cover page and references. Follow APA style for the paper format as well as for all references and in-text citations. ***Attached the articles with this homework.Attachments: 11386003_1.pdf 24943280.pdf

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