Use “The 4 Cs” Thinking Routine to reflect on “The

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Use “The 4 C’s” Thinking Routine to reflect on “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” by Peter Singer (902-909). As you answer the questions below, think about major features of the proposal. Conclude your journal writing with an assessment of Singer’s proposal based upon major features of the proposal (identify and explain the problem, explain the solution, develop a convincing argument in support of the solution, anticipate questions, and persuade readers to take action). This journal writing should consist of 250-300 words.Connections: What connections can you make between the text and your own life?Challenges: What ideas, positions, or assumptions do you wish to challenge in the text?Concepts: What key concepts or ideas do you think are important and worth remembering?Changes: What changes in attitudes, thoughts, or actions does the text suggest for you or others?

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