Use the tutorial video from the class Facebook group pageRe

Use the tutorial video from the class Facebook group page:Report making & formatting in Microsoft Word – FULL TUTORIAL generate a professional report similar to what is presented in the video.Use the following guidelines:1. The content text is insignificant. You can use any appropriate text to fill the content. Text contentdoes not need to be long. A paragraph of 2-3 lines is sufficient for each section/subsection. To get sometext, you can go to Project Gutenberg Web site and select any book from their list and check the “PlainText UTF-8” to get the text of that book and copy from parts of it. Here is the link to the list of mostpopular ones: example, you can check “War and Peace by Tolstoy” and select text from Chapters I and II.2. The document that you are submitting should also contain images and tables and references. I amproviding you with a sample from a textbook at the end of this document so you can see what the levelof expectation is.3. As mentioned in the class, you do not need to have a complete content of a book or a professionaljournal article, one or two chapters are fine. The idea is for you to be able to generate the template thatyou can use later for your reports.4. Similar to the text which its context is insignificant, images, tables, charts, and so on are alsoinsignificant and you can use any appropriate image or table that you wish.

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